How to Achieve an Easy Smokey Eye

Makeup- Smokey Eye

Learning how to achieve and perfect a smokey eye makeup look might seem like an impossible task- but it is actually very easy! Follow these simple tips and you will soon find that this look will be your go-to eye makeup. Here’s what you will need-

Eye shadow palette


Eye primer

One light eye shadow

One dark eye shadow



Facts about Smokey Eyes

  • Smokey eyes are not as hard as they look: that is why they are so popular!
  • Smokey eyes are very popular on the red carpet and on the runway.
  • Makeup artists usually start with creating an “eye” look before moving on to work with the rest of the face.
  • Heavy eye makeup has been popular for decades in the West and the East.
  • The smokey eye look is constantly being improved upon and always changing!


Prepping your eyes:

With any eye makeup look, you are going to have to choose from the right kind of colors.  You can determine this by experimenting or simply deciding which colors to wear based on your eye color.  Whatever the case, you will need one dark, one light, and one medium base color.  For the smokey eye look for blue eyes, choose a brown liner instead of black for a warm color that will not be overpowering.   Especially if you have a fair or light skin tone along with your blue eyes, do not choose colors that are too dark.  The smokey eye will already be darker than your normal eye wear, so just focus on creating a heavier look.

Start with a eye primer so that your eye shadow will last all day and won’t budge no matter what. Urban Decay offers a wide variety of eyelid primers for any skin type.

With your fingers, you can apply the primer all over your lid starting from the lash line and all the way up to the brow bone.

Let’s Get Smokin’!

Makeup Smokey Eye Shadow

  1.  Apply the lightest of your three eye shadow shades over around your eyelid.  Make sure you get the corner of your eye lids, as well as the area under your eyebrows.  This will work to highlight the area around your eyes.
  2. Now go in for your medium eye shadow shade.  This should go directly over your entire eyelid.  Do not blend it too much in with your lighter shade, because it will take away from the highlighting effect.
  3. Time to get dark!  Using your dome rush, begin applying your darkest shade to the corners of your eyes.  Sweep it half way into the crease of your eyelid and on your lash line.  Apply a bit of the dark shade to your lower lid as well to balance out the darkness of your upper lid.
  4. Blend!  Before you start blending, make sure that your eye brushes are clean.  You do not want any other miscellaneous colors entering your look.  Blend your lightest color first, but not too much to completely have your dark shade overpowering everything.  Sweep your brush in a “C” motion along the crease of your lid for a smoothing effect.  Then, blend the dark crease shadows up to your brow bone.  You should notice that the dark shades look more naturally faded into your skin tone.
  5. You can now add eyeliner if you desire.  Start at the inside corner of your lash line and work your way to the end.
  6. Apply your mascara.   Do not add more than two coats.

There you have it! A perfect and classic smokey eye! Finish the look with the rest of your face makeup and you’re all set!

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