Why “Hot Cutting” is Better

Only AllenMay Salon offers hot cutting!


AllenMay Salon and Day Spa is the only area salon that uses the Hot Cutting system.  Hot Cut means that the blades of the hairdressing scissors are heated. When using the Hot Cutting technique, the hair ends are sealed by the heat, so moisture is preserved.  This stimulates the self-regeneration of the hair. Call AllenMay Salon @ (734) 981-8223 to schedule your own personal Hot Cut treatment.

Hot Cut Facts

Healthy Hair

When growing from the scalp, the ends of the hair are closed.  The hair is elastic and shiny, it has an optimum volume and is protected from detrimental impact.

Damaged Hair

Ultraviolet radiation, pollution of the air, temperature impact, chemical treatment as well as mechanical stress cause damage to the hair.

Unsealed Hair

With conventional haircuts, the hair remains unsealed.   This means that the ends are open.  If the hair is exposed to detrimental impact without any protection, it will lose its shine, volume and bounce.

Hot Cut Sealed Hair

When cutting hair with the Hot Cut System, the ends of the hair are sealed.  Thus, the hair is largely transformed into its original state.  This means important moisture and care substances are preserved and the hair is effectively protected from environmental pressure.