Benefits of a Professional Skin Peel A skin peel is a great way to maintain your skin health

Receiving a professional skin peel stimulates new cell growth, which creates younger looking skin. 1. Eliminate imperfections- A skin peel will help you get rid of wrinkles, scarring, and enlarged pores 2. Reduce damage- The non-toxic solution applied to your skin reduces scars, sun damage, and acne. 3. Texture- The solution penetrates the ... More

What are the Benefits to Hot Stone Massage?

Massages, in general, are very relaxing. However, the benefits of touch amplify with the addition of hot stones. Much like soaking first in a warm bath or hot tub, combining massage technique with the thermotherapy of hot stones warms muscles, allowing for faster and deeper relaxation. Such benefits include chakra balancing and lymph node ... More