Back Facial Treatment

back facial treatment

Understanding a Back Facial Treatment-

Some people get surprised with the term ‘back facial’. In fact, back facial is not very usual term in spas and salons. Skin of our back and face are not of same quality. Besides, we are often careless about caring our back skin. So only glowing and fair looking facial is not enough for back. It requires something more.

What is a Back Facial Treatment?

Back facial is defined as the treatment of the back skin. It uses the same techniques and treatments used in facial skin treatment in addition with deep pore cleansing and extra softening. It gives you a healthy and glowing back. Back facial is also good for acne problems in the back. Both men and women can have their own back facial treatment according to their skin type.

Why a Back Facial Treatment?

You can touch and see each part of your body easily. But in case of back, it is really difficult to touch and see. With back facial treatment, taking care of your back has never been so convenient. People often use back scrubbing brush, shower tools etc. to keep their back clean and free from skin problems. But you cannot feel the moisture and dry condition of the back skin until you feel with a touch. On the other hand, cleaning products that we use everyday hardly reaches our back. This is very important for them who prefer to wear low backed cloths.

Back Facial Treatment: A complete Back Skin Care

Back facials includes the same treatment and procedure followed in facial. But as the skin of our back are harder than our facial skin, it requires extra softening and deep cleansing. It covers the whole upper and lower back region. You need to lie down on your stomach on the treatment/massage table exposing your entire back upward. A warm stream bath is provided over the back first to make the skin soft and open the cell pores. Then a scrubbing exfoliation is applied to remove the dead skins from the back and free the clogged pores thus increase the circulation. Exfoliation may also be done with loofah or exfoliating mitt. A rich oil based masking or mud masking is provided then to improve the moisture condition. Clay masking and pore-refining masking is also used sometime which is good for removing dead skins and toxins that stuck in the cell pores.

The most important part of the back facial treatment is massaging. It releases the tension and the stress of the back muscles and assists the smooth blood circulation to the back skin. The massage is done thoroughly to the entire back including neck and shoulder. Moisturizer and sunscreen are applied during massage. The back facial treatment also includes application of glycolic peels and dermabrasion if you want to remove tattoos from your back. You may also ask for any other back treatment with the back facial treatment if you like.

Advantages of Back Facial Treatment

Back facial treatments are good for cleansing the cell pores, removing acne and blemishes, recovering a level and smooth back skin surface, toning back and relaxing your mind. Back facial removes oiliness from your back that aids in preventing over sweating and exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells. It offers a radiant, glowing and clean look of your back. It also shows good results in removing back acne, acne scare, impurities and toxins out from back skin. Exfoliation increases the circulation and provides a shiny and tonal back skin. Back facial treatment is a perfect spa treatment for those who workout regularly, have to work in a hot and humid climate, produce over sweat, have redness and inflamed pores on the back and want to expose their back quite often. If you are planning for a beach party or swimming, you can have this treatment to make your back looking gorgeous.

Cautions Before You Go for Back Facial Treatment

Before you go for back facial treatments, you need to know a few things. Avoid direct sunlight on your back and use sun screen lotion/cream if you need to go out. Use moisturizer cream and drink plenty of water to keep your back moist in order to assist in the back facial. If you are planning for hair removal treatment like waxing with back facial, it is better to do it before the back facial treatment.


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