Hairstyles 2015: The Years Top Trends

Now that 2015 is here, it’s time to look at the current and upcoming hairstyle trends. We’ve done the homework for you and culled the absolute hottest, most gorgeous haircuts, colors and styles of the moment.

It’s All About Bob


Ask any stylist what hairstyle trends he or she is noticing and you’ll likely hear, “The bob.” It seems everyone this summer was chopping off her long hair into a bob. There was the classic chin-length bob, the shaggy just-below-the-chin long bob, the graduated bob and the “I’m growing out my pixie and now it’s a bob” bob.

The Babylights Trend


First off, what it is:

Basically babylights are delicate blonde highlights that are painted on in the balayage manner (as opposed to foil highlights). They are meant to give hair color dimension — much like a blonde kid’s hair at the end of summer — and look as natural as possible.

Shaved. With Long Bang, Please.

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Another popular trend we’re seeing is the edgy, shaved with long bangs look. Kristin Stewart debuted her new choppy cut this fall and both Pink and Miley Cyrus have been rocking some version of the pompadour for a couple years now.

Long Hair with Thick Fringe

Long hair with thick bang

No matter the length of your hair, bangs remain very popular going into 2015. Adding bangs is the easiest way to update your look without sacrificing length. It’s easier even than highlights or coloring your hair out of a box in your kitchen.

Embrace Your Curls


These days it’s actually a trend to embrace your natural hair texture. In fact, curly hair is so popular these days Rihanna went out in a big ole’ curly wig and everyone raved over it.

The Baby Bob

Baby Bob

This “baby bob” on actress Jennifer Lawrence is delicious. It’s to the chin and wavy and therefore hits several trends at once.

Soft, Loose Curls

Blake Lively Oct. 14

Big, thick, luxurious hair remains popular into 2014. You can achieve this look if you have naturally thick, coarse hair — just add even more volume with the help of a volumizing mousse and a curling iron or curlers.

Most Perfect Length Ever

Most Perfect Length Ever

When model Rosie Huntington-Whitely unveiled her new hairstyle on Dec. 28 on Instagram, it caused a small blip on the Internet’s style sites because, well, we were headed into a new year and here was someone who’d chopped off her way too long hair into what her London hairstylist George Northwood calls a “grown-out bob.”

Basically what Huntington-Whitely has done is cut her long hair to the Most Perfect Hair Length Ever, which is that perfect length that falls somewhere between the shoulders and the collarbone.

It works so perfectly because it allows you to cut off the bad bits from your long hair, it gives your hair so much more body and it’s a length that’s flattering to every face shape.





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