Transitioning Your Beauty Routine from Winter to Spring

As spring rolls into town, we all start noticing how winter has left a lot of hair and skin damage in its wake. Dry skin, brittle nails, and static-prone hair need a little TLC to healthily transition into spring! These tips will help your beauty routine change for the better!

Update your Skincare Routine

This applies to cosmetics as well as skincare and hair products! Expired products can do more damage than good, so make sure to toss them after a full season has passed! A good rule of thumb is to throw out any items you haven’t used in the past 3 months. tell us, “powders like eye shadows and blushes can stick around for upwards of a year, and lip glosses can also transition from season to season, but be sure to check that your formula hasn’t dried out or changed consistency.”

Moisturize dry hair

Winter dryness comes in two forms: the chilly outdoor winds and the dry heat of indoor heating. This means that your hair has no real respite from the dryness during the winter, so replenishing it for spring is a must! You can opt for an in-salon conditioning treatment or use one of Bumble and bumbles at home masques.


During winter months, we all slather on creams and serums to help our skin through the dryness. While that’s great and needed in the moment, we usually end up with a lot of buildup at the end of the season that needs to be lifted! Exfoliating is the perfect way to lift the dead skin cells that have accumulated over the winter and give your skin a glow for spring! You can come in for a salon-grade exfoliating facial or use Image Skincare products at home to provide yourself with a professional skincare routine.

Lighten up on Moisturizer

Winter requires a heavily hydrating skincare routine to keep our skin healthy, but warmer months bring humidity that helps skin stay hydrated naturally. So switch to a light moisturizer and let your skin enjoy the much-needed natural hydration in the air.

Load up on SPF-

At AllenMay, we don’t play when it comes to sun exposure. That’s why we carry Image Skincare Products– their daily moisturizers carry an incredible form of SPF. We also offer celebrity-grade spray tanning as a means to give you that warm glow without the damage!

Start from within-

It’s amazing how much our skin and hair benefits from simple things like eating healthy and drinking water. Hydrating during summer months should be a crucial part of your beauty and health routine. Healthy veggies, fruits, and lean meats are great for skin, hair, and nails, so load the grill up this spring!



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